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Tests and Results

Tests requested by the Practice team. 
Blood tests are carried out by the health care assistants and phlebotomists at the Practice, at the request of the Practice clinicians  or for regular monitoring of chronic conditions or medication.

You can book your blood test appointment using My Health Online. For further information please see My Health Online

Results of tests carried out at the Practice
Please ring a week after your test for the result. This ensures that all results have been received from the laboratory, seen and actioned by the requesting clinician.

Please note receptionists are not clinically trained and may refer your call to a member of the clinical team to explain your test result.

Tests at the request of a hospital doctor
Hospital clinicians may also request you to have blood taken at the Practice, if you are given a form or letter regarding this please bring it with you to your appointment. 

If you have had a test at the request of a hospital specialist we advise that you contact the hospital for details of results and ongoing management.  Thank you.


Blood Pressure Home Monitoring 
If one of the clinical staff has advised you to monitor your blood pressure at home and advise us of the results. 
Your results will be shared with the clinician and the Practice will contact you with any advice if appropriate.